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What is UraniumX?

UraniumX is like Bitcoin and Litecoin except it uses Argon2d for hashing and has an alternative PoW formula. Difficulty updates every block. With a max supply of 235,000 URX, it is a rare collector's coin. Currently it is CPU mineable and ASIC/GPU Resistant.

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ASIC Resistant

UraniumX uses the awesome Argon2d hashing algorithm. Currently it is ASIC/GPU resistant.


Difficulty retargets happen every block and is averaged over a 50-60 minute window

It's Faster

The block spec is designed to be 2 times faster than Bitcoin.

Wallet Mining

UraniumX can be mined with the Wallet on your own computer. More info...


Algorithm Argon2d
Block Time 5 Minutes
Difficulty Retarget Every block over a 50-60 minute average
Max Coins 235,000 URX
Halving Interval 23,500 blocks until 0.25 payouts
210,240 blocks until max supply reached
Mining Reward 0.25 URX

How To Mine UraniumX

Ready to start mining UraniumX?

Use the RPC console to mine UraniumX. Steps:

  1. Start UraniumX Core
  2. Open the Debug Window (Menu -> Help -> Debug window)
  3. Click the Console tab
  4. Type  setgenerate true X  and press enter

Note: "X" above is how many CPU cores to use for mining

Stoping the Miner

In the console, do setgenerate false to stop the internal miner

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